Submission on livestock branding and earmarking in Queensland

08 Feb 2023

The AVA welcomes the opportunity to provide a submission to the consultation on livestock branding and earmarking in Queensland.

The AVA is of the position that current branding, earmarking or ear-notching methods are no longer fit for today’s biosecurity needs or indeed animal identification and traceability requirements, and as such believes that radiofrequency identification (RFID) is the preferred method of permanently identifying individual animals.

If RFID identification methods are not deemed possible to be adopted at this time, the AVA would support 2A of the options made available.

Option 2A – Giving owners the option of an exemption from mandatory branding cattle or pigs (choice to opt-out).

This allows for cattle and pigs to be managed in the same manner as horses, sheep, goats, and camels where branding is voluntary.

To read the full submission, please click here.