Submission to APVMA on permethrin for use on pigs under emergency permit

08 Jun 2022

The APVMA have issued a Trade Advice Notice indicating that it is considering an application to issue an emergency use permit for permethrin in pigs. This is aimed at assisting in the control of mosquito vectors of Japanese encephalitis.

AVA strongly supports the proposed use of permethrin for use on pigs under emergency permit.

JEV has had a substantial impact on Australian pig health and productivity, with 80 infected herds nationally and an estimated 60% of the national pig industry impacted.

Pigs are considered major amplifiers of JEV and that JEV in humans is a significant public health risk. Management of mosquito vectors in piggeries and specifically on pregnant sows is critical to mitigating both pig and human health risks.

Currently there are no direct-to-pig mosquito control products registered in Australia that provide multi-day protection. There are only two currently registered and permitted options for direct application to pigs, however both of these have a duration of effect is limited to hours. As such, they are impractical for effective mosquito control.

The products proposed in the permit are already registered for use in cattle and horses for control of biting insects, and that permethrin is widely used around the world for mosquito control in livestock.

The AVA strongly endorses issuance of this permit as it will provide the pig industry with a mosquito control alternative that delivers multiday efficacy to support control of JEV vectors. The AVA further endorses this permit with consideration to other vector borne or spread diseases such as African swine fever that the industry is actively preparing for.

Read the full submission here.