Supporting companion animals with behavioural problems

01 Sep 2023

Did you know that 43% of companion animal owners say their pet has at least one behavioural problem?[1]

With most vets encountering behavioural queries weekly[2], you need to be comfortable diagnosing and treating behavioural conditions. Often, a multi-model approach is best, and in many cases, the success of behavioural modification techniques is improved by concurrent pharmacological therapy aimed at controlling the biochemical basis of the disorder[3].

Zylkene® is a natural supplement that helps to relax and calm pets when difficult short-term situations arise. It penetrates the blood-brain barrier with a benzodiazepine-like[4] profile with a similar effect to diazepam, with antistress activity[5],[6]. Zylkene® contains alpha-casozepone which is formed by hydrolysing the milk protein, casein. It is an optimised, scientific, and patented process which helps protect the molecule in the digestive tract. Zylkene® does not contain lactose and is classified as complementary feed.

For long-term recurring or prolonged emotionally challenging situations, new Zylkene®Plus will be launched in October 2023.  The enhanced formulation combines the natural origin ingredients alpha-casozepine and white fish muscle hydrolysate.  Hydrolysing white fish muscle yields bioactive peptides and amino acids that are considered to have calming properties 7 helping pets manage prolonged challenging situations.

Nutraceuticals can be useful in the management of behavioural problems, offering a potential alternative or adjunct to psychotropic drugs, where the behavioural responses are mild. Zylkene® is a first line calming, natural, complementary feed that helps relaxes pets that have mild-moderate behavioural issues, prior to or alongside psychotropic medicines

Sixty-seven percent of dogs and 57% of cats show frequent signs of anxiety, with ‘alone at home’ and ‘noise fear/phobia’ being cited as the top 2 reasons8. Zylkene® is a clinically proven range that relaxes pets when facing both short-term and long-term challenging situations such as:

  • Loud noises
  • Home alone
  • Travel
  • External visitors
  • Vet visits, and
  • Storms.


Zylkene® powder (opened capsules) are palatable and well accepted by both dogs and cats. The capsules can be opened, and its content mixed with food.  If desired, the capsules can be given whole. It is important to dose the full capsule in one sitting.  Order today by P: 1800 032 355 or, E: or connect with your friendly Vetoquinol Representative.  




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