Register your interest to assist with Bushfires for livestock and equine

24 Jan 2024

The AVA assists Agriculture Victoria under the Victorian Emergency Animal Welfare Plan (established on recommendation of the Royal Commission of the Black Saturday Bushfires).

During emergency incidents, Agriculture Victoria coordinate the response for livestock and equine. Learnings from bushfires are that preparations for veterinary emergency workforce are essential. 

In the past an AVA survey has allowed veterinarians with either LIVESTOCK or EQUINE experience (or both) to register their interest to assisting during the bushfire season in Victoria.

This year, we request that veterinarians register with the Australian Veterinary Emergency Response Team (AVERT) - a national database of veterinary volunteers managed by Vets Beyond Borders for the purpose of supplying volunteers to government agencies, such as Agriculture Victoria, if the need arises for assistance with bushfires or other animal emergencies.

The link to join AVERT is: 

Veterinarians will be remunerated by Agriculture Victoria for any deployment during an emergency incident. 

Information about Vets Beyond Borders can be found here and please forward any questions about AVERT to: 

The Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) coordinate the response for WILDLIFE through Zoos Victoria.