VIC Division President Update - October 2023

29 Oct 2023

Dr Cathy Deague, President VIC Division

The AVA provides a voice for the profession – our profession – and it is only as strong as its grass roots members. We have a national board of directors and state level committees, as well as SIGs, but to successfully represent the veterinary profession, we need local branches. It is at local branch level that members can support and connect with others in their geographical area. It is from here that issues affecting the industry can be identified and reported up the chain to be added to the AVA agenda – branches are the foundation of the AVA.

Since COVID we are struggling to get some Victorian branches back up and running, leaving some geographical areas devoid of a local AVA branch, and the connectivity and support this can provide for local members. To reactivate a branch, we require 7 local AVA members to put forward their names – this does not require a commitment beyond that unless you choose to, other than having 1 member take on the Branch Contact role to be the coordinator of branch events.

If you are unsure or concerned about local AVA activity in your area and would be interested in connecting with other local members, please get in touch at or come and talk to me at the upcoming Vic Div event.

Talking of our event, the Victorian Division is hosting a workshop and dinner on Friday 17 November at the Melbourne Zoo. Human Skills for Animal Experts is a workshop designed to prepare all members of the veterinary team, whether in practice, industry, government or education, for tackling difficult conversations, setting boundaries, developing emotional intelligence and self-awareness, and risk-assessment in professional communication and decision-making. Being held within the Melbourne Zoo grounds allows for an enticing backdrop for our workshop, which will be followed by a dinner complete with trivia quiz. Come for the workshop, the dinner, or both and enjoy connecting with your colleagues and peers. We look forward to seeing you there.