Member communications

All AVA members have access to a vast array of communication that helps them stay in touch with each other, the Australian profession, and what's happening on the international stage.

Each member receives either a print copy or online access to the Australian Veterinary Journal, the association's flagship peer reviewed scientific journal. Every issue also includes a glossy news section full of info and photos of what's happening in the veterinary community.

The monthly electronic newsletter eLine gives the latest news and brief bulletins of interest to all members. You can catch up on what other special interest groups and divisions are doing, or have a quick entertaining read of veterinary news flashes. 

When there's a crisis or an important issues that affects most members, the AVA will send members an email alert. These have been used during natural disasters like the 2009 Victorian bushfires, disease outbreaks, and when there's been mainstream media coverage likely to affect members and their interactions with clients. Browse our member alert archive.

The AVA website displays daily news updates, collates and stores information about veterinary topics, and provides an online space for members to discuss issues and collaborate on projects.

Each special interest group, division and branch also communicates regularly with members about their upcoming events, the latest clinical information and resources, and other issues of particular interest to that group of members.

You can opt in or out of particular communications by logging in as a member to manage your profile and clicking on your communication preferences.

If you're not a member, you can still sign up to receive selected AVA communications. Create an account on our website, then select your communication preferences through manage your profile.

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