Qantas Club

The AVA helps you feel welcome at over 250 Qantas Club lounges worldwide.

Quote the code for the AVA Corporate scheme when you join to access generous savings. Log in as a member to view the code.

By becoming a Qantas Club member, you will enjoy a global network of Qantas Club and associated lounges whenever you fly with Qantas. Members may also be able to access partner lounges worldwide when flying with Qantas’s partner airlines British Airways, American Airlines and US Airways.

Membership Fees

Membership fees for Australian residents

Prices indicated are per member, in Australian dollars, include a once off joining fee, are inclusive of the Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) and assume that the member is an Australian resident for Australian Tax purposes.

  Corporate Membership   Individual Membership   Partner Membership^
  Join Fee Total Join Fee Total Join Fee Total
One Year A$247.38 A$442.80 A$690.18 A$399 A$540 A$939 A$199 A$360 A$559
Two Years A$247.38 A$803.60 A$1050.98 A$399 A$980 A$1379 A$199 A$620 A$819

For more information, please contact Qantas Club on 13 11 31

^ To be eligible for Partner membership, the Primary member must have a current membership which covers the duration of the Partner membership. You both must reside at the same address. For more information see Terms and Conditions.



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