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We can also provide spokespeople on a range of veterinary subjects located throughout Australia

The AVA has 21 special interest groups and 8 state or territory divisions and can provide specialists or vets based in your local area for interview.

Contact the AVA Media Office for further information

Key areas of expertise include

Animals and infectious diseases including zoonoses (infectious diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans such as swine flu, rabies, Hendra virus and bird flu)

Quarantine and biosecurity - protecting Australia from exotic diseases, emergency disease response

Animal health and welfare - livestock transport, major animal diseases (such as Hendra, equine influenza), veterinary public health, emerging and exotic infectious diseases

Companion animals and pets in communities - diseases of cats and dogs, exotic and unusual pets, animal behaviour, pets, pets and children, health and community benefits of pets, dog bites, unwanted companion animals

Animals in agriculture - livestock welfare, herd health, research

Vets in private practice, industry, education or government - small animal clinical practice, specialist practice, dentistry, veterinary education

Wildlife and conservation - Australian native animals, research and conservation, feral animals

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