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After volunteering with Vets Beyond Borders on Thursday Island, Dr Catherine Henry is a firm advocate for the program. She was introduced to new communities, worked with great people and got a mental health boost to boot!
Second-generation Anticoagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) present a significant risk to wildlife and domestic animals via primary and secondary poisoning. These chemicals bioaccumulate in poisoned animals and present a secondary poisoning risk even after a poisoned animal has died. There is considerable evidence that non-target species, both native and domesticated, are widely exposed to SGARs in sublethal and lethal levels across the country.
Since I took on the role of AVA President in May, it seems like I’ve spent a lot of the time on a plane visiting other countries. Not that I’m complaining of course – it’s been well worth. I’ve have not only built some wonderful personal friendships but I have confirmed important existing relationships and in the process, learned a lot from the global veterinary community.
AVA Members feedback is requested to inform the AVA submission to Inquiry into Pounds in NSW.
The Australian Pig Veterinarians Conference was held this week on the Sunshine Coast. It brought together pig veterinarians and industry representatives from across Australia to discuss topics related to pig farming and veterinary practices.
This detailed FAQ covers the use of antibiotics in companion animals and farm animals and is intended to be used in discussions with clients and interest groups regarding responsible use of antibiotics in animals – particularly in explaining why and how they are used in Australia.
Equine Veterinarians Australia (EVA) provided the following update to members on management of the virus.
Agriculture Victoria is working to investigate the cause of multiple sudden deaths in horses which have occurred on separate properties since Tuesday 4 July.
Victorian Biosecurity Strategy Consultation is now live on Engage Victoria
The 'Rethinking Veterinary Education' report commissioned by VSANZ is an important step towards addressing many of the challenging facing the veterinary sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Below is the AVA's response to specific recommendations in the report.
The AVA's Head of Veterinary and Public Affairs, Dr Cristy Secombe argues that until the contribution the veterinary profession makes to the public good is recognised, workforce shortages can't be adequately addressed.

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