Australian Pig Veterinarians Conference wrap up

21 Jul 2023

Student conference scholarship winners Emily Chebaia, Alexa Woodward and Shadirah Shepherd pictured with vets Greg Tuckett and Molly Dunstan (front row, left to righ), Yvette Pollock and Rowan Wilson (back row) at the conference dinner.

The Australian Pig Veterinarians (APV) Conference featured a range of subjects, including batch farrowing in large systems, appropriate antimicrobial usage, risk factors for Japanese Encephalitis Virus, pressure for welfare reform, and African swine fever.

Dr Tara Donovan, international keynote speaker

One of the highlights the international keynote speaker from the USA, Dr Tara Donovan. Dr Donovan captivated the audience with stories and practical examples of production best practices, the use of technology in agriculture, and the role of women in the industry. Later she joined Dr E. Wayne Johnson from China, Dr Kirsty Chidgey from New Zealand and local expert Dr Rebecca Athorn for a welfare panel discussion. The panel, facilitated by Dr. Kate Savage, delved into the pressures for reform in the swine industry and shared practical examples of changes happening in the field.

Conference attendees with exhibitors

The APV executive committee took pride in introducing the inaugural student scholarship program, supported by the Sunpork group. Three Melbourne University students, Alexa Woodward, Emily Chebaia, and Shadirah Shepherd, were selected to attend the full conference. This opportunity allowed the students to gain valuable insight into the industry and build a network of professional veterinarians. The attending veterinarians enthusiastically shared their experiences with the students over the three days, embracing their involvement in the veterinary profession.

Overall, the conference provided a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and discussing important issues in the pig farming and veterinary sectors.