AVA Veterinary Wellness Project - Stakeholder research findings now available

29 Oct 2021


The extensive research phase of the AVA Veterinary Wellness Project is now complete. SuperFriend, the AVA's partner in the development of the Veterinary Wellness Strategy, has now released a stakeholder report - detailing the findings of the extensive research activities undertaken.

This report now provides us with the informed and representative data essential to developing an effective strategy. Our next steps will be to review the recommendations from this report in the context of our current landscape, and in combination with other data collected by the wider profession, develop a strategy capable of affecting the positive change essential to improving mental wellness within the profession, and in turn, facilitating sustainable and thriving careers.

The AVA hosted a webinar to present the findings of this report on Tuesday 26th October. If you were unable to attend, a recording of the webinar can be viewed here

Read the SuperFriend stakeholder report here