11 Jan 2022

Updated 24th January 2022

The Queensland Government has modified the requirement for critically essential workers. 

At this time the critically essential roles are limited to critical industries. 

Veterinary services related to food production are captured within the definition, and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries has let the AVA know that  veterinary  team members who deliver large animal (production), poultry and aquaculture veterinary services are considered  critically essential workers. If these veterinary services form part of you practice there are a number of things that an employer and the worker must do, which are  outlined under the Critical Essential Worker requirements page. Additional resources that you may find useful are through the DAF eHub 

At this time, the definition of critically essential workers does not include veterinary team members who deliver veterinary services to exclusivey to companion animals, horses or wildlife and veterinary teams delivering veterinary services to these animals must observe the recommendations for quarantine for close contacts. 

Like you, we are very concerned around the implications for animal welfare for companion animals and wildlife. It is important that we have data to communicate the current scale of COVID –19 on veterinary hospitals in QLD and to include specific examples  if animal welfare is being impacted.   

Further information around QLD specific  business advice can be found on the QLD Government business web site and the QLD  COVID-19 website.

The AVA HR service has put together a series of updated resources to help you with managing workplace requirements. 

The AVA has also published this article on the Vet Voice website for the public on the current pressures facing the delivery of veterinary services. You may find it helpful to share with your clients. 


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