Queensland-NSW Border restrictions due to COVID 19

10 Sep 2021

The restrictions around travel across the Queensland-NSW border are challenging for our members and their veterinary practices. The AVA wrote to the Queensland Premier at the start of September on behalf of the veterinary profession seeking free movement of veterinary professionals across the border.

We are pleased that the Premier's announced this morning on the reistatment of the border-bubble (from Monday morning). However, it is crucial that these new arrangements accomodate the needs of veterinary professionals and the animals needing their care. It is also crucial that the heightened border restrictions of recent weeks are avoided in the future.

At an AVA Member meeting last night, we met with a number of you and it is clear that animal and human welfare is being significantly negatively impacted by the current restrictions. 
The restricted border is negatively impacting the border communities in the areas of: 

  • Animal Welfare - Animals, large and small, on either side of the border are not receiving veterinary care required and lives are being lost.
  • Strain on veterinary practices - Staff who live on the other side of the border have not been able to go to work and this is placing excessive strain on practices and the individuals involved. 
  • Stress on veterinarians and veterinary staff - Shortage of staff and inability to treat animals in distress is placing even more pressure on the remaining staff that is significantly compromising the health and wellbeing of veterinary professionals.

The reintroduction of the border bubble should allow you to provide essential veterinary services. We understand that this still may provide some challenges around delivery and we want to hear from you. Please check the  Queensland Government COVID-19 website for updates.
What you can do to help
We have been asked to continue to provide data as to how the border restrictions are impacting animal and human welfare. We need your voices added to this. To help, let us know your experiences with the border via the below link. Your stories strengthen our voice. 

We also need to know of your experiences with the reintroduced border-bubble. Let us know what ongoing difficutlies this may create for you, your team and your clients by filling in this survey.