Reveal your inner tiger with the AVA Reflect and Grow Program

14 Jan 2022

There is a happier, more balanced and less stressed veterinarian inside you - join the AVA's Reflect and Grow program this February to reveal them!

Reflect and Grow is a monthly online group program for veterinarians (including new grads), nurses and practice managers. It uses reflective practice to assist in identifying and improving the non-technical skills and knowledge (such as assertive communication and resilience) that help veterinarians reduce occupational stress, and grow capabilities that support clinical skills and knowledge.

It is conducted through small group learning and peer support, with a trained facilitator - ensuring confidential discussion. Each session has a topic and we have the flexibility to spend more or less time on the topic in order to go through anything that is urgent for participants to discuss.

We have two Reflect and Grow groups beginning in February - a new program especially for new graduates starting 3 February 2022, and our regular program for vets, nurses and practice managers beginning 22 February 2022. Places are strictly limited so take a look and sign up now!

Veterinarians, nurses and practice managers:
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New graduate veterinarians:
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“Reflect and grow for me was a supportive, safe environment to get understanding and strength through sharing of our common struggles within our professional and personal lives.”
2021 Reflect and Grow participant

“The Reflect and Grow program was very special. It provided a safe and supportive environment for a number of veterinarians at all different career stages and places, to listen to each other's reflections on our challenges and joys, both in and out of work. Cathy Warburton provided gentle evidence based guidance and support for the group, and encouraged us to learn to listen, support and share. This really is a life changing experience, which really helps you to quickly form supportive and encouraging relationships with peers who truly understand your trials, tribulations and insecurities.”
2021 Reflect and Grow participant