Find out about the 2022 VBG Summit - Emergence

28 Jul 2022

19-21 October 2022

Crown Conference Centre, Melbourne

Dr Moss Siddle invites you to the Veterinary Business Group Summit in Melbourne this October.

Early bird pricing now available. Save Up to $300.

The 2022 VBG Summit is a two-day conference and trade show focusing on effectively managing a veterinary practice in today's environment. It will drive into the day-to-day management issues across specialies as well as concentrating on overcoming barriers to growing and building a sustainable veterinary business into the future.

Why Attend?

The theme of the VBG Summit for 2022 is “Emergence”. As veterinary businesses recover from the whirlwind of trepidation that occurred in 2020/2021, they can now emerge into a new and novel business environment.  Practices are busier than ever. Instead of our usual focus on attracting and retaining clients, gaining a competitive edge and discovering your unique service position; we are going to develop strategies to thrive in a brave new world.

The Summit will give you the tools to:

  • Manage workflow with limited staff
  • Create a mentally safe work environment
  • Strengthen your leadership position
  • Set fees that make sense
  • Discover what’s important to you
  • Understand the big changes on the horizon
  • Adapt to changing technologies
  • Change the thinking of your team
  • Connect with business leaders, friends and colleagues

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