Consultation on the Development of Dog and Cat Regulations in WA

24 Aug 2023

Member feedback is sought on this WA Government discussion paper: Development of Dog and Cat Regulations.

The WA State Government is committed to the implementation of the provisions in the Dog Amendment (Stop Puppy Farming) Act 2021 (SPF Act), which will deliver on the following initiatives announced ahead of the 2017 State Government election to:
• introduce a Centralised Registration System (CRS) to identify every dog or puppy;
• transition pet shops into adoption centres; and
• stop puppy farming.

The SPF Act amends the Dog Act 1976 (Dog Act) to:
• increase the transparency of, and information on, the source of dogs;
• enhance the ability of authorities to identify and detect puppy farms;
• enhance the ability of authorities to prevent irresponsible breeders from breeding dogs;
• decrease the number of puppies and dogs that are bred indiscriminately;
• improve community understanding about responsible purchase and care of dogs; and
• transition pet shops into adoptions centres for unwanted dogs.

Local governments will have the tools to deal with irresponsible dog breeders, improve animal welfare and encourage responsible dog ownership through public awareness. This includes the establishment of an online CRS to improve dog management.

Feedback is sought on the following topics:
• Sterilisation of dogs
• Pet shops
• Dog supply approval
• Approval to breed
• Microchipping
• Dog and cat registrations

The feedback received will inform the:
• development of draft regulations
• specifications and functionality needed in the CRS
• resources needed by local government to implement and enforce the legislative requirements.

What you can do:
• Help the AVA submission – forward your comments to by Monday 2nd October 2023
• Make your own submission by the closing date of 17th November 2023 to DLGSC.