Survey: Strays and veterinary practices engagement with NSW councils/pounds

20 Sep 2022

The AVA NSW Division requests NSW Members to complete a ten-minute survey regarding strays and veterinary practices engagement with NSW councils/pounds.

The survey includes questions regarding the number of stray dogs and cats received, timing for strays to be picked up, any arrangements with councils/pounds, payments and out-of-pocket costs, your interactions with council/pounds, any issues receiving feral dogs and cats, and any other issues regarding strays.

The information received from the survey will inform AVA representations and advocacy to the Minister for Local Government, the NSW Office of Local Government, and will form part of the AVA NSW 2023 State Election Platform. Furthermore, the information received will provide an understanding how the situation between veterinary practices and councils has changed since the previous AVA NSW survey in 2017.

Survey closes on Monday 17 October 2022.

If you would like to discuss the survey or provide the AVA further information regarding strays please contact AVA Senior Advocacy Officer Liz Gemes at