Consultation on draft standards from the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH)

07 Nov 2023

Australian consultation on draft standards from the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) is now open on the Have Your Say (HYS) website.

The September 2023 report of the Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission has been published and contains:

  • Part A chapters which will be proposed for adoption at the 91st General Session (26 – 30 May 2024).
  • Part B chapters which will not be proposed for adoption and are for comment only.

Feedback is valued and must be provided through the website by Friday 24 November 2023.

 To do so, please register or login to your Have Your Say account. The website contains all relevant guidance and documents.

To provide your comments:

  • Submit them using the survey function and template on the website. The survey format has been streamlined from past consultations.
  • Comments must be supported by a rationale, or they will not be considered. Scientific references are encouraged where possible.
  • Please only repeat past suggestions if they are supported by new science/evidence.

To assist you in contributing:

  • A webinar is available on the website which provides an overview of the commenting process and chapter changes.
  • A detailed summary table is also available on the HYS site to help to identify chapters of relevance.