Integrative Veterinarians Australia Research Bursary

29 Sep 2021


Each year, the Integrated Veterinarians Australia (IVA) special interest group offers funds in the form of a bursary as a reward and incentive for projects, research and science based communication related to integrative medicine.  In this 25th anniversary year, the IVA is seeking to develop the career pathway for veterinarians in Integrative Veterinary Practice.   

Details of how to apply and the process for approval are below. Previous recipients are Dr Susan Peden 2020 with her original research work on oxytocin in horses and 2019 Dr Renee O’Duhring for research into clinical application and benefits of titre testing in small animal practice.

The IVA is offering a bursary of $1500 to an integrative practitioner, student or researcher to support preparation of material that informs veterinarians in the broader veterinary community about the use of and validity of complementary therapies, and/ or that contributes to the scientific knowledge underpinning our understanding of Integrative medicine and/or the development of formal recognition pathway for Integrative Veterinary practice. 

The successful applicant will deliver one of the following outcomes:  

  1. Research and then a poster for an AVA conference 
  2. Research and then a one hour webinar
  3. Research and then a short contribution to AVJ
  4. Proposal that will be submitted to the AVA that outline and supports a course format and pathway for an Integrative veterinary practitioner post graduate qualification. 

For further information and eligibility please click here.

Please note: Applications are open until 31st October 2021.