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18 Dec 2021


In this edition of the AVA Digest: 

From the desk of Australia’s CVO Dr Mark Schipp

Dr Mark Schipp wraps up the year, reflecting on the challenges facing the veterinary profession, the importance of a One Health approach in preventing future pandemics of animal origin, and more…

Dr Mark Kelman introduces Parvo ALERT

Dr Mark Kelman explains Parvo ALERT - a recently launched, online system for tracking cases of Canine and feline Parvovirus and generating alerts on disease outbreaks. 

‘Our EOC Journey’ Video Diary – Part 2

Dr Nicole Swan and her team continue to share their AVA Employer of Choice Accreditation journey. Find the second video in this issue of the Digest!

Request for notice of resolutions for the Annual General Meeting

Resolutions for consideration at the 2022 Annual General Meeting to be held on 23 May 2022, are now invited.

Notice of Election for position of Director

The AVA is seeking nominations for its Board. Can you join a team of leaders and help to steer the profession in the right direction?

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