One Health

The One Health concept is a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans and animals.

By working together, human and animal health experts will be able to combat the large scale health threats facing the global community. For example, around 70% of new or emerging diseases can infect both humans and animals. These types of diseases are called 'zoonoses'. Examples include SARS, HIV and AIDS, Nipah virus, Hendra virus, and avian influenza (H5N1).

In Australia, the AVA raises awareness of the need for increased cooperation between human and animal health researchers, practitioners, and policy makers. It's only through closer collaboration will the nation be able to deal with serious disease threats.

Further information is available online at the One Health Initiative website.The One Health Initiative advocates for:

  • Joint educational efforts between human medical, veterinary medical schools, and schools of public health
  • Joint communication efforts in journals, at conferences, and via allied health networks
  • Joint efforts in clinical care through the assessment, treatment and prevention of cross-species disease transmission
  • Joint cross-species disease surveillance and control efforts in public health
  • Joint efforts in better understanding of cross-species disease transmission through comparative medicine research
  • Joint efforts in the development and evaluation of new diagnostic methods, medicines and vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases across species
  • Joint efforts to inform and educate political leaders and the public sector through accurate media publications.

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