Member alert - paralysis tick antiserum shortage

03 Nov 2022


Some of you may be aware that there is currently an Australia-wide shortage of tick paralysis antiserum.

This is a result of a sudden increase in demand due to tick resurgence with the change in weather. There are anecdotal reports that there may have been some complacency in tick prevention by owners during the winter and drought in many locations, leaving many animals unprotected. 

Concurrently there is one main manufacturer servicing the market and they are at full production capacity.

Given the problem is affecting all vets you are being asked to refrain from stocking up on the tick antiserum beyond your usual requirements as this will likely exacerbate the problem.

Information that you may find useful to provide to your clients (for example in your practice newsletters) to reinforce the importance of tick prevention can be found on  AVA’s Vet Voice – Preventing Ticks.