New client resource on parasite control in pets

22 Jun 2023


Animal Medicines Australia has put together a new resource on parasite control in pets, designed for veterinarians to provide to their clients. Parasite control is one of the cornerstones of veterinary preventative medicine and relevant to all companion animal clinicians. 

This guide addresses Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and emphasises veterinarians’ role in monitoring for, preventing and treating pet parasites. It also discusses how the risk of parasite infestations is changing due to the uptick in extreme weather events and climate change. This means certain parasites (e.g. tick-borne diseases) are thriving in areas previously inhospitable to them. Parasites may also survive for longer due to altered weather conditions. 

The guide provides a general introduction to pet parasites, a section on parasite control and also addresses environmental control. The guide also discusses the impacts of pet parasiticides on waterways and the environment, as well as the regulatory processes applied to them. Since this is a topic that is getting increased media attention, particularly overseas, this is a useful resource for veterinarians to address client questions and concerns. 

Click to download Parasite control in pets: FAQ.