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11 Oct 2021

The AVA Digest is published every two weeks and features news, stories and industry updates from around the profession. See below for a taste of what's included in this special edition for Mental Health Month!

President's Column

AVA President Dr Warwick Vale speaks about the upcoming ‘AVA Veterinary Wellness Project - Research findings and next steps webinar’, the media, and the importance of the AVA community.

All staff on board to support veterinary wellbeing

“All decisions regarding the business, whether it be staff recruitment, rostering, marketing or strategic planning, take the wellness of the team into consideration”. Find out how this practice is reaping the benefits of placing wellness at the centre of everything they do.

Inducting new employees – a guide to successful onboarding

We can all appreciate the challenges faced by employees as they enter a new workplace. This article, written by the AVA HR Advisory Service, examines the key components of a successful induction program: what to include, how it should be conducted, and its benefits – a must read for practices welcoming new employees to their team.

Dr Moss Siddle – on successfully running a veterinary business during the pandemic

“Communicate regularly and clearly to staff and clients about your protocols. Be flexible. Don't try to see every client immediately - triage the cases. Laugh a lot and gather to discuss life around food!” Read more about how Dr Siddle is successfully riding the waves of uncertainty that come with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The importance of having a ‘Third Space’ with Dr Andy Roark

“Think of being a veterinarian like being a marathon runner. Of course you want to win the race you are training for, but you also want to stay healthy so you can run in races for years to come”. We speak with veterinarian and public figure Dr Andy Roark about what a third space is, and how it can help to improve our mental wellness.

Understanding key factors associated with veterinary attrition from clinical practice – with Dr Alejandra Arbe-Montoya

Small animal veterinarian Dr Alejandra Arbe-Montoya shares her research findings, and those of other members of the profession, on veterinary attrition – an issue severely impacting both rural and metropolitan practices around the globe.

Introducing Hill's First Diet for Environmental and Food Allergies (advertorial)

Learn how you can use nutrition to help manage itching - whether the cause is environmental or food related - right from the first visit.

Surveys from members of the profession

Actively contribute to important research being undertaken by your fellow colleagues to advance the veterinary profession.

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