Policy Advisory Council update

04 Aug 2023

PAC met on Saturday 27 May at the Adelaide Convention Centre ahead of the AVA Annual Conference. As a result of that meeting, 15 policies were progressed to the Board for ratification, 2 for member comment, and a further 20 Working Groups have been established to update many of the older policies in the compendium. 

The newly ratified policies include the “Great veterinary workplaces” policy, which is one of a suite of policies that underpin the AVA’s wellness strategy THRIVE.  These can be found as a group on the AVA’s policy webpage here.

Ratified policies 

The AVA Board ratified the following 15 policies on Thursday 20 July: 

 Policies for member comment 

The following 2 policies are available for member comment. Please log in to the AVA website. and have your say in the member Forum

  • Electroejaculation of bulls, rams, and bucks
  • AVA clinical veterinary internship guidelines

 As an AVA member you have the opportunity to help shape AVA policies - these have far-reaching influence on the profession, and underpin AVA’s advocacy work.  So please get involved!