Resources for Mental Health Month

13 Oct 2022


The AVA Counselling Service, Converge International, have created resources for veterinary professionals to share with colleagues and employees:

  1. Protecting your Mental Health with Mental Fitness

Understanding the importance of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Community in your own wellbeing. This tip sheet provides insights to developing a growth mindset, improving your body, connecting with nature, and engaging socially.

  1. Suicide Prevention in the Workplace

Discusses the importance of fostering an environment where mental health is considered on par with physical health, and a culture where people feel able to talk about suicidal feelings and seek help without fear of judgement

3. Keeping the Workplace Psychosocially Safe for National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month, a time to “commit to building a safe and healthy workplace”, but what does a “safe and healthy workplace” actually mean?

They also have 15-minute, evidence-based Wellbeing Bites sessions, designed to support your mental wellbeing and allow you to recharge, reset or refuel during your day.

For more about THRIVE, the AVA's Wellbeing Initiative, please visit the THRIVE website.