The AMR Vet Collective and Online Vet AMS Course

18 Aug 2022


The AMR Vet Collective ( is a community of veterinarians, researchers and academics who have come together to support best practice in the age of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). They help to translate the science, share stories and connect veterinarians with excellent resources sourced globally and created locally. With workloads so hectic in clinical practice, the aim of the AMR Vet Collective is to provide a central place for AMR and AMS resources in a format that is easy to engage with – thus saving veterinarians time and optimising practice and patient outcomes.

Veterinarians can access information and resources via the AMR Vet Collective website (www.amrvetcollective), social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), podcasts (listen through Spotify or the AMR Vet Collective website’s ‘What’s New’ page) and a free ten module Vet AMS Online Learning Program (

The AMR Vet Collective website provides a one-stop-shop for clinic-ready resources, support with prescribing, links to the current guidelines (prescribing and infection prevention and control) and access to free continuing education. The social media channels post updates on what is available and keep followers up to date with new content and podcast episodes. The associated Vet AMS Online Learning Program, created by veterinarians and academics from all Australian and New Zealand vet schools, currently offers the following modules (with more to come):

  • Module 1: AMR Update: where are we now?
  • Module 2: Core concepts in AMR
  • Module 3: Antibiotic classes
  • Module 4: Resistance mechanisms
  • Module 5: Diagnosing bacterial infections
  • Module 6: Antibiotic prescribing and the microbiome
  • Module 7: Using prescribing guidelines
  • Module 8: Infection prevention and control
  • Module 9: Implementing an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program: putting theory into practice
  • Species-specific module 1: The Poultry Module (* NEW MODULE)

Those who have completed the course have provided extremely positive feedback, with an average rating of 8.9/10 from all users and 97% of users identifying that they would recommend it to colleagues.

Find out more by browsing the website (, following on social media, and listening to the podcasts. Veterinarians can also access the free online learning program at

Remember, AMR is everyone’s responsibility. This is a team sport, and vets are key players!