AVA celebrates National Agriculture Day 19 November

19 Nov 2021


On National Agriculture Day we celebrate our veterinary colleagues for their contribution to the Agricultural Industry. We acknowledge and appreciate the important role these veterinarians play in supplying our communities with food and fibre, and in protecting our national biosecurity.

The theme for this year is ‘Celebrating the fabulous and fulfilling career opportunities on offer in agriculture’. Being a veterinarian in the agricultural industry is a rewarding, fulfilling, and diverse career that can take you anywhere.

With roles in clinical practice, pathology, research and development, veterinary sales, advisory roles, project or product management, and many other varied positions, veterinarians play an enormous part in ensuring that animal health and welfare is optimised, food security is maintained, and disease risk is minimised.

“Grateful for our agricultural industry. Grateful for our Vets”

“Grateful for our food and fibre. Grateful for our vets”

(the AVA is embarking on a campaign to raise the profile and appreciation of veterinarians. We will be using a series of tag lines, like the one above, across our communication channels as part of this campaign).

Happy National Agriculture Day from the AVA!