Queensland President's Word - February 2018

Welcome colleagues to the February edition of Grapevine, and my final President’s Word.

As you will see in this Grapevine, there has been a lot of divisional activity around advocacy and also the ongoing process of review and updating of AVA’s policies. Lay pregnancy testing remains the issue of most pressing concern, and the one likely to have the most significant adverse impact on our colleagues across Queensland.

The Department of Agriculture & Fisheries remains schizophrenic in its approach to this matter – with one area of the Department wanting to partner with veterinarians to improve surveillance for disease, while a separate area appears intent on pushing through changes to ‘acts of veterinary science’ that will undermine the viability of a number of practices in regional and remote areas. The Qld Division continues to work with the ACV and national office to assist the government in understanding the complexities and potential consequences of deregulation in this area.  

Our animal welfare subcommittee has been very active in considering a slew of policies up for revision by AVA Policy Council, including the keeping and exhibiting of wild animals, as well as providing input into the AVA’s submission to the federal review of poultry welfare guidelines.

Those of you with children of a certain age may know this time of the year also marks the commencement of the academic calendar. To all our incoming student members, welcome to our profession! I wish you all the best for a fantastic five years (and hopefully only five…) of learning and fun at university – and hope they set you up for a lifetime of the same once you earn your BVSc (Hons)!

Speaking of fun reminds me – only 10 days until our annual meeting on Hamilton Island. I hope to catch up with you there – it is not too late if you haven’t booked yet. It is going to be a fantastic meeting.

Finally, many thanks to you for allowing me the privilege of serving as President of the Division these last 12 months. And particular thanks to Laurie Dowling and Camilla Broughton for all their help and professionalism, including their frequently forlorn attempts to keep me focused and on time…

All the best.



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