EVA Biosecurity Videos - PPE for Equine Veterinarians

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is very important to ensure the safety of the veterinarians in the field. To facilitate this, EVA has produced two videos to assist equine veterinarians and their clinical staff.

The first video listed below is a collaborative work between EVA and Work Health and Safety Queensland. It was designed as a resource for all veterinarians and support staff throughout Australia.  The second video is called 'Suit Up'.

The intention is that the videos be watched in conjunction with each other. The first video highlights the fact that PPE is not an ‘all or nothing’ practise, rather a tier-based approach, that depends on the level of exposure risk expected and the individual case being examined. When choosing PPE it is important that veterinarians consider all the risks, such as likely exposure to pathogens, heat stress, physical injury, exposure to chemicals etc. so that the safest options are chosen, given the circumstances encountered.

EVA believes that the videos should be a mandatory viewing, as part of induction training in infection control and biosecurity, for all veterinarians and veterinary support staff, working at a clinic. It is important to keep detailed records of who has completed the training. EVA strongly advises that when dealing with suspected Hendra cases, that the highest level of PPE is used, as is demonstrated in the ‘Suit up’ video.





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