Australian animals registry group tackles national microchip problems

A group is meeting to solve microchipping problems nationally. Our AVA rep, Michael Hayward, reports on the latest discussions around privacy of pet owner information, and how to negotiate the 8 current microchip registries to find an animal’s owner.

There are eight microchip databases in Australia - how do you identify where an animal’s microchip is registered? Do you have to search the websites (where available) or telephone all eight databases to find the owner of a found animal? Fortunately, no!

Six of the Australian microchip registries got together some years ago and established a common portal which will identify which (of those six) databases hold the microchipped animal’s details. Enter the scanned microchip number into and you will immediately discover which database holds the details you need. The other two databases are keen to join PetAddress and in the near future this common portal should provide access to all chipped companion animals in Australia.

The databases which are currently included via PetAddress are:

Australian Animal Registry:
Central Animal Records:
Global Micro:
National Pet Register:

If you don’t find the chip via PetAddress, the animal’s chip may be registered on the NSW Government database Companion Animals Register (access limited to NSW authorised implanters or NSW Council Officers).

The other registry that is looking to move towards having their records searchable via Pet Address is the Greyhound Racing Victoria Registry. Veterinarians who have a greyhound with a microchip that is not showing a result on Pet Address should consider contacting the GRV registry on their 24 hour hotline 03 8329 1139.


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