AVA and Association Media to collaborate for an online TV program called “Vet TV”

Media release date: 
Thursday, 04 May 2017

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Association Media (Assoc. Media) have teamed up to produce an online news program about the Australian veterinary industry.

Presented in a news-style with a leading Australian news anchor, the program will be a long-form and high-engagement overview of the industry. Through interviews with industry leading professionals, news reports and sponsored editorial profiles, it will explore a myriad of topics including: veterinary business; pets; the equine industry; and production animals.

Graham Catt, CEO of the AVA, said: “We’re very pleased to be working with Assoc. Media on this project. It’s a great opportunity for the AVA to give the broader veterinary community a closer look at the profession and highlight the many important roles that vets play from treating pets to managing biosecurity threats. Vets are responsible for the health and welfare of Australian animals which is an enormous responsibility and Vet TV is a great way to provide some insight into this incredible profession.”

Jonathan Love, Managing Director of Assoc. Media, said: “Association Media is excited to be working with the AVA to explore the key issues affecting the Australian veterinary industry. We are passionate about animal health and welfare issues and this program will engage with all those who are also interested in veterinary and animal issues.”

Vet TV will be previewed at the AVA Annual Conference in Melbourne, 4-9 June 2017 and will be officially launched in August 2017. The program will form part of an extensive communications campaign to reach and engage with AVA members, industry leaders, organisations, writers, bloggers and journalists.

For more information about the AVA, please visit www.ava.com.au. For more information about Association Media, please visit www.assocmedia.tv.

About the Australian Veterinary Association

The Australian Veterinary Association is the professional organisation that represents veterinarians across Australia. The AVA maintains relationships with national, state and local levels of government, and provides advice on all aspects of animal health and welfare policy.   

About Association Media

Assoc. Media work in partnership with leading national and international associations to produce bespoke, sector-specific news programs.

We use our content and news-making expertise, combined with the latest broadcast technologies and techniques, to provide editorial that engages and influences business leaders, while providing a platform to discuss key issues, share knowledge and build relationships to engender positive change.


Rena Richmond - AVA Media Manager        
T: 02 9431 5062

Jonathan Love – Managing Director Association Media
T: 02 8091 4888


For further information and requests for interviews contact the AVA media office on (02) 9431 5062, 0439 628 898 or media@ava.com.au.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is the only national association representing veterinarians in Australia. Founded in 1921, the AVA today represents 9000 members working in all areas of animal science, health and welfare.

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