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AVA Students Master Policy Cover

Who does the AVA Students Master Policy Cover?

The AVA Students Master Policy provides cover only to current paid student members of the Australian Veterinary Association.  

What does the policy cover?

The AVA Students Master Policy program provides cover which will protect veterinary students against civil liability claim(s) made against them arising from their practice as a student veterinary. This cover includes claims for compensation and includes any awards for legal costs and expenses made against the students. The applicable policy limits are;

  • Professional Indemnity - up to $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all professional indemnity claims,
  • Public Liability - $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all public liability claims,
  • Goods Sold and Advice - $10million for any one claim and $10million in total for all goods sold and advice claims.
  • Injury to Animals - $250,000 for any one claim and $250,000 in total for all Injury to Animals claims.


Additional benefits:

  • Legal Fees – cover for disciplinary inquiries taken against you, coronial inquiries, and investigations of you by statutory health authorities.

  • Continuous Cover – cover for claims previously known to you which might be excluded by the current policy because you should have notified these claims against a prior policy

  • Unintentional Defamation - cover for claims made against the insured alleging the insured has made defamatory remarks by spoken word or in print

  • Unintentional Copyright Breach – cover for claims made against the insured alleging the insured has infringed the copyright or authorship of another person

  • Good Samaritan Acts cover – cover claims arising out of your rendering of assistance to others in an emergency situation

What is excluded by the policy?

Some of the things the policy does not cover:

  • Clinical trials or clinical research – there is no cover for any claim arising from your participation in any clinical trial or clinical research.
  •  Dishonesty – claims arising from any fraudulent, criminal or malicious acts on your part.
  • Copyright – claims arising from a breach of copyright or trademark or plagiarism.
  • Intoxicants/Under the influence – claims arising from any act, error or omission of yours whilst you were under the influence of intoxicants or drugs.
  • Related parties – claims made against you by any entity also covered under this policy.
  • Non Supervision by a qualified practitioner – claims made against you arising from veterinary work performed by you whilst you were not under the supervision of a registered practitioner.

For the exact scope of cover and a detailed list of exclusions please read the full terms and conditions of the policy wording which can be obtained by contacting your AVA branch  and  a copy of the policy schedule which can be accessed here. The policy wording must be read in conjunction with the policy schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the policy cost?

A. The Policy is FREE to current AVA student members.

Q. Does the AVA receive any commission?

A. The AVA does not receive a referral fee from Guild Insurance for cover provided to veterinary students under this Master Policy.

Q. Who is the Insurer?

A. The insurer is Guild Insurance Limited, ABN 55 004 538 863 and AFS Licence Number 233791.The AVA is acting as a distributor of the Master Policy and does not hold an Australian Financial Service Licence. The AVA provides no advice on the Master Policy and each practitioner should consider obtaining their own financial product advice about the product from a person who is able to provide such advice under an Australian Financial Services Licence.

Q. How do I know the AVA has a valid insurance arrangement in place?

A.The AVA has arranged the Students Master Policy through Guild Insurance who are a leading Australian insurer with over 50 years’ experience in Professional Liability insurance in the allied health and associated industries. A copy of the insurance schedule from Guild Insurance outlining the insurance provided and the eligible dates of cover can be accessed here.

Q. How can I get proof that I am covered by the AVA Students Master Policy?

A. To arrange your own personal Certificate of Cover please contact your AVA branch.

Q. Can I get a copy of the detailed policy wording covering the AVA Students Master Policy?

A. You can obtain a copy of the Policy Wording and Schedule by contacting your AVA branch.

Q. Will I be informed if the Master Policy terms and conditions change significantly?

A. The AVA will inform eligible students under the Master Policy in the event that;

  • the terms of cover change significantly;
  • the cover did not take effect when it was reasonably believed to have taken effect; and
  • the cover is, or is likely to be, cancelled or not renewed.

Q. What happens when I complete my studies and become a graduate veterinarian?

A. Free cover under the AVA Student Master policy will cease when you become a Graduate. To assist with the transition to becoming a practicing graduate vet, the AVA has negotiated with Guild Insurance to provide you with a new Master Policy for 1st and 2nd year Graduates to help you through the early stages of practice.  More details about the graduate cover can be obtained by contacting your AVA branch.

Q. How do I make a claim if I need to?

A. To make a claim against your policy, you will need to contact Guild Insurance on 1800 810 213.

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