Vet TV - a first for the veterinary profession in Australia

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Sunday, 03 September 2017

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Association Media (Assoc. Media) are excited to launch Vet TV, a first for the veterinary industry in Australia.

The program provides a unique look into the veterinary industry through a series of interviews with leading veterinary professionals and industry experts. With a mix of news reports and sponsored editorial profiles, the program explores a range of topics from veterinary business to pet ownership. It also delves into key issues affecting the equine industry and the changing veterinary landscape.

Graham Catt, CEO of the AVA, said that Vet TV is something the industry needs to help the wider community understand how the veterinary industry has changed so rapidly over the past 10 years.

Medical advancements, new business models and changes in pet ownership are just some of the issues that have dramatically changed the nature of the veterinary profession and these are issues that Vet TV looks to shed some light on.

“Vet TV allows the AVA to highlight the amazing and often life-saving work that vets do on a day-to-day basis. By taking a closer look at the profession, it gives people a complete picture of the many important roles that vets play. Vets are involved in a range of areas including research, public health, pet medicine, protecting our borders and disease surveillance, just to name a few. Thanks to Association Media who teamed up with us to produce Vet TV, we can now give people some insight into the profession and the role of veterinarians, which is first and foremost to support and enhance animal welfare in every aspect of their professional lives,” Mr Catt said.

Jonathan Love, Managing Director of Assoc. Media said, “It’s been an exciting process to see Vet TV come together. I’m extremely pleased with the final program and look forward to seeing how it is received by those involved in Australia’s animal industries and the public. We hope to be able to expand the program in the near future, adding even more value to Vet TV.”

The program will now form part of an extensive communications campaign to reach and engage with the broader community, industry leaders, organisations, writers, bloggers and journalists. It is available online at

The program is also designed to be a valuable resource for AVA members.

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The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is the only national association representing veterinarians in Australia. Founded in 1921, the AVA today represents 9000 members working in all areas of animal science, health and welfare.

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