FASAVA 2017 and WVDC Report

October 2017

Sharing a top Australiana night with international guests Drs Brook Niemiec, Heidi Lobprise, Curt Coffman, Ruth Barthel and Mrs Stephanie Coffman.

After 3 years of planning and preparing, FASAVA 2017 and the World Veterinary Dental Congress have now been and gone and it is my great pleasure to advise that it was an extraordinary success.

In our initial plans, the Congress Organising Committee hoped to attract 1100 delegates. In the end we exceeded these expectations and attracted in excess of 1900 delegates from all over the world.

All of the logistics were executed seamlessly. I haven’t before had the pleasure of working as closely with the AVA events team as I did for this event and I can honestly say everyone worked together professionally and enthusiastically – whether it was for a social event, meals, IT or the numerous other tasks required, and it all worked superbly.

I am very grateful for the enthusiasm and excellence of presentations of our 3 international speakers (Drs Curt Coffman, Loic Legendre and Ruth Barthel) and our very own Dr Tony Caiafa. I also very specially thank our Symposium Day speakers (Drs Crystal Loh, Tara Cashman, Angelica Bebel, Milinda Lommer, Barron Hall and Heidi Lobprise) who produced a most thought provoking day to conclude the program.

All of these speakers donated their time for which we are extremely grateful. A highlight for me of this day was the 'Ask the Gurus' concluding session where several very topical subjects were addressed and discussed. It’s not very often that we have 4 Veterinary Dentistry specialists in the one room at the one time but we did on that day along with another 50 or so enthusiastic dentistry focused attendees.

Our audience numbers were incredible for the entire 5-day program. A lot sat through all of the lectures and some of the sessions were so full that people were literally sitting on the floor. Numerous questions eventuated and were handled with aplomb by all of our experienced speakers.

As convener of this event I would like to conclude by thanking all for their participation. I would especially like to thank the AVDS executives, Drs Tara Cashman and Amanda Hulands-Nave for their unwavering support, advice and assistance.


Rod Salter
Convener WVDC 2017 on behalf of the Australian Veterinary Dental Society


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