Puppy teeth - can you remember the anatomy?

In general practice we see puppies all the time. At the early vaccination visits you should check the dentition. Can you remember the dental formula of the juvenile dog? Which teeth are shaped differently in the adult?

And the answer....

There are 28 deciduous teeth in the dog. The dental formula is 2 x {i 3/3, c 1/1, p 3/3}. There are no deciduous molars present and the first pre-molar (PM 1) in each quadrant has no deciduous counterpart.

The pre-molars are therefore numbered as PM 2, PM 3 and PM 4. In the maxilla of a pup the PM 3 crown has the same shape as the permanent PM 4 (carnassial tooth), and the PM 4 is smaller like a permanent molar tooth.



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