Important Workplace Health and Safety update

25 October 2017

The Veterinary Business Group is currently overseeing a project to deliver an up-to-date, and industry-specific version of the industry’s Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Guide.

The first phase of the project involves a full-scale review of the industry’s WHS Guide, which is already well underway. The Veterinary Business Group have engaged with key industry members of the relevant Special Interest Groups and veterinary profession across the country to form an advisory committee to further develop the guide. These members will ensure that the industry’s Guide is current, concise, and most importantly contains industry-specific knowledge on the key risk factors people are facing today.

Some of the key areas of risk that the committee are addressing include:

  • Zoonosis – Hendra, Brucellosis and Q Fever
  • Anaesthetic gases
  • Pharmaceutical / chemical handling
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)
  • Remote work / field calls
  • After-hour security
  • Pregnant staff
  • Stress / work issues
    • Bullying & harassment

The WHS Guide will ensure businesses have a comprehensive management system in place that will help to reduce their risks, not just in the industry-specific health and safety risk areas, but will also ensure businesses are compliant from a legislative perspective, should they ever be subject to an audit.

The project team will also be working on a sustainability plan for the Guide which includes investigating a suitable digital WHS management system (online platform) to simplify and enhance the efficacy of how businesses manage their internal WHS systems and practices.

The new Workplace Health & Safety Guide is expected to be available early 2018 with an interim guide to be made available in the coming months.

If you would like to get involved in this project or have any questions or comments please contact the Veterinary Business Group at or phone (02) 9431 5010.


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