VERA President's Report

I’m not sure where the past few months have gone since June and the AVA conference in Melbourne! We had a good attendance on Education Day , with attendee numbers up from the previous year. The presentations covered a wide variety of interesting veterinary education topics, including resilience, which elicited considerable discussion after each presentation. The Poster sessions ran well thanks to everyone keeping to their available time and I think everyone enjoyed the fast-paced information flow! The abstracts from that session are available here.

On Tuesday night we celebrated the VERA year in style, with our annual VERA Dinner at Byblos Restaurant. This was a great success with 26 delegates, including a sprinkling of partners, attending a very sumptuous Turkish feast. It was a great night!

At the next VERA meeting the Vice President will be voted in. This person will take over the reins as President in May 2018, allowing continuity within the Executive Committee for the years ahead.

There have been some branding changes within the AVA and, for better or worse, our traditional VERA logo has been replaced by a more generic AVA style logo. VERA could have had a new logo designed, but the Executive Committee has voted against spending considerable funds that we do not have, on having a logo designed that meets AVA specifications.

Prior to the Conference the VERA Executive had been working on some strategic direction planning to ensure VERA meets the needs of its members and the AVA goals as well. This document will be finalised before the end of the year.

A record 15 abstracts were recently received for the paper presentation spots for Education Day on Tuesday 15 May at the 2018 AVA conference in Brisbane. Changes to the conference format may occur in 2018, so we are at this stage unable to say exactly how many 25 minute paper presentations places will be available. More on that when further details are released.

Within this newsletter you will also find a link to information and submission of poster abstracts for presentation at the AVA Conference. Posters are displayed in the usual paper poster format as well as in a five minute, two PowerPoint Slide presentation, also on Tuesday 15 May 2018.

For those of you attending the 2018 AVA Conference look out for the VERA Dinner Food for Thought on the Tuesday evening at Ahmet’s Turkish Restaurant when completing your conference registration. It is always a great chance to catch up with colleagues and make new friends. Included in this newsletter is a link to a mid to late career veterinarians resilience survey that I urge you all to complete. We know being a veterinarian is often a tough job, so having and building resilience will help protect us and our colleagues from health issues. The project explores what ‘resilience’ means to mid and late career veterinarians in Australia and the factors that contribute to this. Through this, the research group hope to create a model of what resilience looks like in veterinary practice from the mid and late career veterinarians’ perspective, and identify strategies that might be useful for veterinarians in sustaining their resilience throughout their careers.

Until our next newsletter,

Best wishes,

Jen Hyams


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