Love is Blind update

25 October 2017

The AVA partnered with RSPCA last year to raise awareness of the health and welfare problems suffered by brachycephalic breeds and other breeds with exaggerated features.

Our aim is for people thinking of buying a brachycephalic breed to be aware of these health problems and for current owners to be aware that these dogs need extra love, attention and veterinary intervention to ensure the risks and any health issues they’re facing are properly managed.

Information for current owners
We have fact sheets you can download for your waiting rooms to help inform your clients and information to assist you when speaking to current owners about these health problems.

Get these resources:

AVA moves away from use of brachycephalic breeds in advertising
The AVA will no longer accept advertising that displays animal breeds with exaggerated physical features which are associated with adverse health and welfare outcomes. These breeds include: Pugs, French Bull Dogs, Pekinese and other flat-faced breeds; breeds with dwarfism such as Dachshunds and Corgies; and breeds with excessive skin wrinkle such as Shar-peis.



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