Qld News December 2017 Animal Welfare Sub Committee Update

The animal welfare sub-committee held its first meeting for some time. Issues that were discussed included:

  • Humane euthanasia of feral pests
  • Battery farming of laying hens
  • Greyhound racing in Queensland
  • Lay pregnancy testing of cattle

Many of you will be aware that there is a new pesticide that has been registered for the control of feral dogs and foxes in Queensland called PAPP (Para-aminopropiophenone). It works by converting haemoglobin to methaemoglobin. Affected animals become lethargic and drowsy before becoming unresponsive and dying. It appears to be more humane than 1080 as a poison for canids. As such the Queensland branch of the AVA is asking the state government to ban strychnine, yellow phosphorus (CSSP) chloropicrin and serrated jaw traps for control of feral animals.

Another issue that was raised was the current inability of veterinarians to euthanase animals that are suffering without owners consent or approval from an animal welfare inspector. The AVA will ask the state government to change the animal care and welfare act to allow veterinarians to undertake this procedure without fear of prosecution.

Another contentious issue that members will perhaps be asked to consider is to change the present AVA policy on cetaceans in captivity. A new policy has been put to the policy council which includes recommendations including the phasing out of cetaceans in captivity, the immediate assessment of captive cetaceans for release to the wild and the cessation of breeding of captive cetaceans. This issue is very emotive across the whole community but the Queensland branch of AVA believes policy should be based on scientific principles not emotion.

If any member has any animal welfare issue that they feel should be discusses by the welfare sub-committee or the executive please feel free to email me at David_Blyde@vrtp.com.au.


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