Qld News December 2017 Education Sub Committee Update

The Education Sub-committee met twice this year to make recommendations to the AVA Queensland Executive on the emerging issues impacting on veterinarians and veterinary paraprofessionals, and encouraged communications between the AVA and the veterinary students and academics.

Specific items for discussion included: training and supervision of veterinary nursing students in the veterinary dental nursing competency, the comparison of training between Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing students and Veterinary Technology students in Queensland, increasing awareness of Q Fever vaccination amongst veterinary nurses, veterinary nursing students and within veterinary practices, and undergraduate student clinical rotations and placements.

In addition, the Sub-committee provided advice to the Executive on the AVA Code of Conduct and the AVA Knowledge Strategy Review. The Sub-committee also represented the AVA at the recent inaugural UQ Bachelor of Veterinary Science Curriculum Advisory Panel.

The Executive thanks the members of the Sub-committee, Trish Clarke, Kathleen O’Connell, Robert Hedlefs, Jonathan Hill, Zoe Walker (JCU student representative), Shaun Pratt replaced by Sam Kiernan (UQ student representative) and Camilla Broughton (secretary), for their contribution this year.

Edith Hampson (Chair)


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