Qld News December 2017 From the EO

Enjoying Life

Another year has gone by and time to take stock on the wins, losses and learnings of 2017. AVA is making significant changes to its membership experience.

It is investing in the digital transformation which is more than just a website change but a way of delivering tailored individual content that you want to know about, It is expanding its investment in member’s knowledge through a blended learning program, it has changed its brand (but kept the centaur) and is reviewing the Code of Professional Conduct to name just a few of the changes being pursued.

Qld has been active in its advocacy and events and uniquely runs the highly successful PetPEP program which reaches more than 400 primary school visits each year. As there are only about 1200 state and private primary schools in Queensland, this represents a significant reach into primary school age children. In the longer term, this means that a significant number of children are growing up knowing the PetPEP message of responsible pet ownership. PetPEP is possibly the largest animal welfare program being addressed in schools and it is something that all Queensland members should be proud of. Much of this is thanks to Karen and her team, Sam and Jennet at the AVA office but it also would not be possible without the support of members who go out to the schools to present. Well done!

In the coming season, AVA is acutely aware of the stresses associated with our members in work. We have had a number of excellent workshops in mental health which I encourage you to attend. Most importantly, don’t feel isolated. We have a mentor scheme for new graduates but stress is not confined to the young. Reach out to your colleagues and if this is not possible, the AVA has a helpline open 24 hours, 1800 337 068.

Christmas can be the most amazing time of the year but it also can be a source of stress for those in trouble. For those of you who can, reconnect with your families and friends and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. For those of you who have lost loved ones this year, remember them with love and gratitude that they have been in your lives. For others in a dark place, remember that everything passes and with the AVA helpline and other professional support, hopefully you will get through this the stronger and more resilient.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and New year.

Laurie Dowling
Executive Officer 


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