Qld News December 2017 Advocacy Update

  1. Meetings with Minister: There was one meeting scheduled with the Racing Minister on 14 March. Unfortunately the Minister was delayed in transit but EVA and Qld Division discussed OHS and Hendra issues with senior policy advisors. There were letters to DAF Minister but no meetings. There was one response clarifying DAF’s position on lay pregnancy testing.
  2. Meetings with Stakeholders:

    Lay pregnancy testing cattle There were three meetings with Biosecurity Qld and Agforce and one where the animal welfare impacts of lay pregnancy testing were presented to the Animal Welfare Advisory Board. Outcome: This is an ongoing issue but the meetings resulted in  advanced understanding of AVA’s position and promoted a logical case for lay pregnancy to remain a vet only act.

    Hendra virus OHS issues. There were three meetings with the Horse Biosecurity Market Access Liaison group and one meeting with the Hendra Virus Interagency Technical Working Group. Outcomes included advancing the safety of veterinarians in the field by holding Biosecurity Qld and Qld Health to their commitments to implement the findings of the parliamentary Hendra review; a meeting with the prosecutor from Qld government to clarify expectations of veterinarians regarding their obligations when handling suspect Hendra cases; and progressing the resolution of 3 long sets of guidelines into one simple document (still in process). The Qld division worked with EVA on these issues.

    Restricted drugs: The Qld Division Inputted into consultation by Qld Health on the destruction of controlled drugs and there was a meeting with Director of Medicines Regulation and Quality on whether further restrictions should be placed on the storage and handling of lethabarb, given the number of suicides that have occurred. Outcome: Qld Health took on board the AVA position and will likely adopt its recommendations (i.e., not S8 but requires being kept in a lockable container) with minimal record keeping requirements.

    Environment and Wildlife Strategic reform workshop 18 October. The Qld Division executive officer attended this workshop and also represented the Conservation Biology SIG. Outcome: established contact with key stakeholders in this area with aim to preserve the habitat of wildlife.

  3. Analysed and wrote submissions to government legislative and policy proposals.. Outcome: the following submissions were made:

    3 May 2017 Body corporate by laws – pets in units
    14 July 2017 Qld Biosecurity Strategy 2017 – 2022

  4. Election Platform: In consultation with Qld executive, branch presidents, SIGs and national office the Qld Election Platform was completed. A media release was also written and our election platform was tweeted by the AVA and was retweeted by the NZVet Association. With the election of the new government, the AVA will be making early contact with the new Minister and requesting a meeting.
  5. Anti microbial resistance: The One Health seminar at Mooloolaba on 17 November resulted in the branch looking to explore forming a One Health group with doctors, dentists and vets. Guy Weerasinghe and Dave Kahl (Sunshine Coast branch president) are leading this initiative.


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