Restricted acts of veterinary science


Veterinarians are very concerned about a trend in some states that allows invasive procedures to be undertaken by non-veterinarians. These can have serious animal welfare implications for the animals, and create significant extra costs for animal owners. They include the use of power tools in equine dentistry, pregnancy testing in cattle, lay spaying of cattle, and so-called "anaesthesia-free dentistry" in companion animals.

Veterinarians are active and committed to retaining 'acts of veterinary science' in governing legislation to ensure that people who undertake invasive or potentially dangerous procedures on animals have the necessary education and training to do it safely and humanely. A widespread trend towards deregulation by Australian governments applies continuing pressure to remove the protection to animals and their owners afforded by legislated acts of veterinary science.

Australia’s veterinary profession wants sensible and consistent regulation for the whole country that protects the welfare of animals and the rights of owners to a quality service, while also creating the environment for a sustainable and healthy veterinary profession in the long term.