The AVA updated its policy on vaccination of dogs and cats in June 2009. and this has since been re-ratified as a position statement. It refers extensively to the 2007 WSAVA Guidelines for the vaccination of dogs and cats.

There has been some interest in the media about the policy, and the AVA has communicated extensively about it with both members and the media.

We have also prepared some communication material for clients that explains the need for annual health checks as an important preventive medicine strategy for pets.

As the position statement points out, vaccinations should be determined for each individual animal, so the information for clients doesn’t touch on the details of which vaccinations should be given and how often.

Instead, the main message for clients remains the same as it has always been – regular preventive health care is important for pets. A visit to the vet might include a vaccination, but a regular check up is as vital as it ever was.

Poster – With an annual health check they’ll be around for many years to come. 
Brochure – Your pet deserves a special day each year. 
Annual reminders – some sample reminder letters emphasising the annual health check. 

All AVA members can order copies of the client information brochure at a cost of $33 per 100, and 5-packs of the A2-sized poster for $17.60. Other vets can order brochures for $66 per 100 and 5 posters for $35.20.

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