Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines


Ratification Date: 24 Aug 2017

Nationally consistent standards and guidelines for the welfare of livestock are being developed, cooperatively by government, livestock industries, animal welfare organisations, and community representatives. They are based on the revision of the Model Codes of Practice for the Welfare of Animals.

The welfare standards and guidelines for livestock aim to streamline livestock welfare legislation in Australia, ensuring that it is both practical for industry and results in sustainable improvements in animal welfare outcomes.

Australian producers have always been aware of their responsibilities for livestock welfare, however, increasing awareness among consumers is placing significant pressure on our livestock industries to improve animal welfare. The development of welfare standards and guidelines underpins access to overseas and domestic markets. Without such change Australia risks losing consumer confidence and significant national and international markets.

Further information on the Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines is available here: http://www.animalwelfarestandards.net.au/

Updated 24 August 2017