Export of native birds


Ratification Date: 01 Feb 2009


  1. The capture and export of wild native birds and their eggs for commercial gain is not acceptable.
  2. Only common (non-CITES listed) Australian native birds bred in captivity may be exported. Such export should only occur if effective controls are in place. 


Effective controls would include:

  • permanent identification and registration of individual birds;
  • registration of licensed breeders;
  • humane and safe transport of birds across international boundaries; and
  • pre-export health testing and quarantine with appropriate diagnostic tests in place for disease identification.

At present, these controls are not in place and therefore the export of Australian birds for commercial reasons is opposed until these conditions are met.

The limited export of fertile eggs produced in captivity is also opposed, because of the present difficulty in permanently identifying and registering such eggs.

Consideration should be given to the limited export for non-commercial purposes of common native birds bred in captivity, subject to the regulations that are presently in place. Unless appropriate provisions can be enacted and enforced to protect adequately the welfare and conservation of native birds, then the current restrictions on exports should remain in force.

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Date of ratification by AVA Board February 2009