House call practice


Ratification Date: 20 Jan 2012


Mobile companion animal veterinary services must follow relevant regulations set by the appropriate state and territory government. In addition, these services must have arrangements in place for the provision of surgical treatments, hospital care, diagnostic procedures, transport of animals, recording of treatments and communications with clients.


Mobile companion animal veterinary services are veterinary practices that offer visiting veterinary services including house calls to premises where animals are held. The practice may be independent or a service provided from a practice where animals are treated as inpatients or outpatients or both.


Mobile companion animal veterinary services must keep timely and adequate records and provide an adequate history to the support practice.

Mobile companion animal veterinary services must have access to an appropriate veterinary support practice that abides by the relevant law of the appropriate state or territory and can provide the following:

  • Procedural services including but not restricted to: general anaesthesia, surgery, radiology, laboratory services and nursing care, and
  • Animal housing of appropriate size with adequate cooling, heating and ventilation.

Vehicles used for house call services must:

  • be clean and hygienic at all times
  • have temperature controlled and secure storage for drugs
  • include equipment to enable medical and surgical records to be completed when house calls are made, and
  • carry sufficient instrumentation for a competent clinical examination.

Date of ratification by the AVA Board 20 January 2012.