Collection of semen from animals by electroejaculation


Ratification Date: 15 Feb 2008


To ensure animal welfare, electroejaculation should be used only by, or under the supervision of, a veterinarian with:

  • appropriate training in the use of the equipment
  • an understanding of, and ability to recognise and manage, potential adverse outcomes.

Electroejaculation is used as a normal management procedure for collecting semen.

The equipment and procedures used should be appropriate for the species and size of the animal.


Electroejaculation is necessary for evaluating the reproductive status of animals and for collecting semen. Electroejaculators achieve their effect by localised electrical stimulation of the nerves controlling ejaculation and emission. Inappropriate use of the procedure by unskilled persons may cause significant stress and trauma to animals. Operators therefore require training in achieving appropriate stimulation without causing adverse effects on the animal’s welfare.


Comprehensive information on the collection of semen from bulls may be found in the publication of the Australian Cattle Veterinarians, Evaluating and Reporting Bull Fertility Entwistle K and Fordyce G (2003).1

  1. Entwistle K and Fordyce G (2003). Evaluating and Reporting Bull Fertility, Australian Association of Cattle Veterinarians, Indooroopilly (see www.acv.com.au for information on how to order this book).

Date of ratification by AVA Board 15 February 2008