Embryo collection and embryo transfer


Ratification Date: 01 Aug 2010


Embryo collection and embryo transfer in animals should only be conducted by registered, appropriately trained, veterinarians or persons under the direct and immediate supervision of a registered veterinarian.


Embryo collection and transfer is an act of veterinary science, and should only be performed by appropriately trained registered veterinarians for the following reasons:

The surgical procedures involve anaesthesia and penetration of the abdominal cavity.

The non-surgical procedures, which have reached an advanced stage of development, frequently require tranquilisation/sedation, epidural anaesthesia and penetration of internal organs.

All procedures demand a knowledge of anatomy, a high level of skill, competence and responsibility (as expected of registered veterinarians). This includes transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte collection.

Collection also involves professional assessment of the disease status of the donor animal/s.

Both surgical and nonsurgical procedures depend on obtaining and using restricted prescription drugs for multiple ovulation and oestrus synchronisation.

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Date of ratification by AVA Board: August 2010